There was a time when a "remodel" meant taking out and replacing the kitchen appliances and repainting the cabinets a new color. In most cases, doing more than that didn't make economic sense, because you could sell the old house and buy a new home for less than the cost of an extensive remodel. In the past decade, however, as land prices have shot up and worsening traffic has made people reluctant to move further away from city centers, remodels have taken on new importance in helping people maintain and improve their quality of life.

Many of our clients have loved the locations of their existing homes, but because of evolving families and lifestyles have found that their old houses no longer met their needs. Many existing kitchens are woefully inadequate by today's standards, and today's families need larger closets and storage spaces. Master suites, where the homeowners can "get away from it all", were unheard of in the days of "Ozzie & Harriet", but are in great demand today, as are media rooms and large family rooms or "great rooms". Conversely, many traditional formal dining rooms now gather dust (or worse yet, become storage rooms) for the families who live there now. A well designed remodel can literally give you the best of both worlds - the convenience, familiarity and relationships you have built up in your current home, with the space, functionality and modern technology of a new home.

While we are happy to do a single room addition or other simple project, and we have done many remodel designs for much smaller projects, such as kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and master suite additions, most of the remodels shown here were quite extensive. We hope this will allow you to see the myriad of possibilities for the transformation of your own home. Whatever your needs are, get in touch with us and let us show you how we can help make your house into your dream home.

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