Please take a few minutes to look below at some of the houses that have been built from Hobbs' Ink custom home plans.  While the total number of homes built from our plans is now in the hundreds, we still approach every design as a totally new creation, unique to the client it will be built for.

The process always begins with finding out what it is that YOU want from your house (or barn, cabana, casita, guest house, workshop, home office... well, you get the idea).  We'll have you answer a questionnaire to cover all the areas of design decision that have to be made, based on our decades of experience in designing projects just like yours.  Then we will look at the factors involved in the project.  Are there site considerations?  Is there a view to be captured?  Do we have a tight budget?  Are there accessibility issues, either currently or in the future?  Is marketability a major factor, or is this the last house you intend to build?  We will take the time to go over ALL the factors that will influence your project so that you can make informed decisions as we go through the design process.

Finally, we take all those ideas, whether floor plans scratched on scraps of paper, magazine clippings or pictures you've been saving up.  We'll work with you to turn those notions into a detailed plan that can and will be built.

Helping our clients turn their dreams into reality is what we do, and is our greatest satisfaction.  We look forward to helping with yours.


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rain chain
rain chain
Vogel-Crystal Falls
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