Corny as this may sound, I sincerely believe home design requires a "woman's touch".  Have you ever seen a kitchen that was obviously designed by someone who has never cooked, or a built-in ironing board that would only work for a left-handed giant, or a child's play area that can't be seen from the kitchen?  Need we say more?

If you are looking for something ostentatious to impress your friends, you should probably go on to another design professional.  We design homes that are warm and inviting.  Each home plan is individually designed with its future occupants in mind.  We like to get to know you a little bit and find out how you will use each space in your home. Then we design it to fit who and what we see in there, rather than the other way around.  Some rooms need to have tall ceilings and an uplifting feeling.  Some need to have a cozy and comforting feeling.  Some need to have a business-like and professional feeling.  Some need to be whimsical and romantic.  But, all need to fit you.

One of our company's strongest assets is that we listen to you.   And, we do our best to keep in mind all your needs.  If you need a doggie door or a discreet spot for the cat box we provide it.  If your young adventurer wants a loft over his room or a secret passage, we will work that in.  If you need an oversized garage for that boat you hope to get, we'll plan for it.  If you need a window seat large enough for a comfortable nap, we will make it work.  If you need two microwaves and one oven, we understand.  If you need real his and her offices rather than a tiny desk in the kitchen for Mom, we take care of it.  If your elderly parents might have to move in with you, we make an accessible, but reasonably sized suite for them.  Of course, we design to take advantage of views and assets we find on your property.  We do NOT pull floor plan number 2537 out of the drawer and modify it a bit then call it a "custom plan"  We actually design a custom house plan for you. Because we are custom home designers, we have hands-on experience in areas including:


Green Building Vacation Homes
Cabanas, Casitas & Guest Houses Single Family Attached
Aging in Place Design Remodel Design
Patio Homes Renovation & Restoration
Barn Design European Style Floor Plans
Garden Homes "Not So Big House" Design
Passive Solar Design Accessible Design



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